ANGELA DOAN grew up in North Dakota where her great-grandparents (to the third) homesteaded the Black Leg Ranch six generations before her.  Influenced by her maternal grandfather, who was the North Dakota State Water Engineer, Doan learned the importance of reading the land and making observations as she frequented her surroundings; rodeos, pow wows, Mandan-Hidatsa Village, General George A. Custer’s home, and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

At a very young age, Angela realized that she looked at the world in a different way than most people.  She could look at her surroundings and disassemble the lines, shapes, and colors and then reassemble them on paper.  While constantly creating and designing throughout her school years, she graduated valedictorian of her high school.  Soon, an influential lecturer at her university noticed her talent and persuaded her to apply to the fine art program.  Having been accepted onto the course she thrived in the many opportunities that were given to her including instructor’s assistant.  She graduated from prestigious Augustana College with B.A./ Professional Fine Art Degree.

Doan has taught through arts councils and privately, throughout the country from the Dakotas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, to Kansas.  Since being in Kansas for eight years, she has succumbed to the allure of oil painting.  Angela creates in her studio steeped in history, located in her historical, Victorian home dating pre 1880.


After moving throughout the U.S., Doan has moved back out west, to it's great surroundings.  She celebrates and shares her love of the west by painting intriguing subject matter and the sometimes serious/sometimes quirky heritage.   To paint “Typical” western art is not her objective.  The purpose is to paint and portray a connection between nature, the people, and the heritage; with the aim to allow everyone to connect to fine art in a way that transcends paint and canvas.

In the Spring of 2008, Doan woke up during the night with the desire to paint the petroleum industry. Over the years, Angela has grown to appreciate how many self made individuals make up the industry and the natural resource that enriches our everyday lives.

The jackalope paintings evolved from a childhood love of rabbits and western tall tales.  One of the enchanting aspects of western culture is the cowboy tales that are told around a camp fire and the sarcastic humor and love to “pull someone’s leg.”  As a kid, Doan remembers imagining walking through a mirror to another world.  In this same fashion, she shares a glimpse with you of another world of the west pioneered with colorful and hairy characters.

From wild horses, to bison, to long horn cattle; Doan has an appreciation not only for animals of the west but also for their connections and individual personalities.  These events are captured on camera and in the artist mind, to be retold on canvas for the art aficionado.